Club Ngongotaha Trip June 2020

How best to describe the recent Club Trip to Rotorua and Ngongotaha. WET! Sometimes the forecasters predict atrocious weather and it turns out beautiful, as happened on the February Ngongotaha Trip, but sometimes they are 100% correct. We got smashed down there with almost constant rain while Auckland had a beautiful sunny weekend.

Take Better Pictures When Out Fishing

The guest presentation by video conference was by Johan Kok of WILDIMAGES.COM.  Johan's presentation, that was received very well by all who attended, was about all the points to consider to take better pictures when out there fishing.

Fishing the Waipapa River

Back in February 2020 four of us, myself, Lloyd, Bradley and Wim, belly boated up the Waipapa River.  It took about 4.5 hours to get all the way to the first waterfall and only 1.5 hours for the return.  Whilst it sounds like a long haul up, the flow is quite gentle, we were taking our time exploring weed beds, deeper channels and areas of good cover.  I caught 7 on the way up and 5 on the way back with one of them being a nice fat Brown.