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Why Join NorthShore Fly Fishing Club?

Dave McLellan, NSFF club patron, founding member and former NZ Flyfishing Team Captain, put it well when he said:
“Although most of us go fishing with a friend, the sport of fly fishing has always been primarily a solitary pastime. Because of this, anglers tend not to be clubby people by nature, since you can’t go along to a club and actually fish. Yet anglers who join a club and actually fish without question become better fishermen. A good club should be a place of learning and entertainment with a fishing theme and should have a solid base of experienced anglers who are prepared to share their knowledge. This knowledge sharing should not just be about technique but cover such things as safety around water, tackle choice and care, how to tie your own flies, and information on how to find new fishing water.”

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Fly Fishing For Beginners & Professionals

Fly Fishing For Beginners & Professionals


Club with the passion of Flyfishing

The North Shore FlyFishers Club (Inc.) was formed in 2003 to promote freshwater and saltwater fly fishing among the recreational fishing community on Auckland's North Shore and adjacent suburbs. The Club has approximately 70 members at the last count and is continuing to grow at a steady rate.

01. Experienced anglers
02.Learning and entertainment
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club services

Casting Tution

It doesn't matter how you fish or want to fish, Overhead, Skagit, Czech Nymph etc, there's tuition and peer help available. No matter how long we've been fishing a 'bit of a touch up' is always useful. For more info email

  • Comprehensive Casting Tuition
  • Access to Knowledgeable Instructors
  • Peer Assistance and Support

Fly Tying Tuition

Currently (as of Dec2020) the NSFF fly tying tuition evenings are on hold. For further information please email or call Barrie at 021-925006

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